Beginning on April 18, 2010 (D-Day, Destruction Day) the most complex Frontrunner North/TRAX interface construction was begun. This entails building a new overpass over Union Pacific and Frontrunner North, requiring the demolition of the current street overpass. The street (North Temple Street in SLC) will accommodate vehicle traffic as well as the TRAX Airport Branch. The new overpass will be shorter than the current structure, dropping down to 400 West Street on the east to reach the TRAX mainline. Also, an elevator will be installed to move passengers between Frontrunner North on the level with TRAX on the overpass. This setup was occasioned by opposition of the local neighborhood in the area of North Temple and 600 West Streets who did not want a overpass in their neighborhood which would have allowed a straight shot of the Airport Branch to Salt Lake Central. I believe this to be a mistake, but we shall see how all of this works out. The following photos will document this construction. RETURN