Photos of Frontrunner and TRAX Construction in Salt Lake Area

Showing Roadbed Design and Acquired Shop Facilities

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TRAX Northwest Extension Update 6/21/2012

TRAX Northwest Extension Progress November 2010 - March 2011

Frontrunner South South End As Of 3/17/2011

Spectacular Frontrunner South Flyover at Miller Campus is Complete Except for Track - Veterans Day 2010

Mid-Jordan TRAX Branch is Being Rushed to Completion 10/23/2010

Progress on TRAX West Valley Branch As of 7/2/2010


Complex Frontrunner North - Airport TRAX Interface Begins to Take Shape 3/31/2010

West Valley TRAX Branch Construction Action - 3/24/2010

West Valley TRAX Branch Construction As Of 2/10/2010

Utah's Interurban Heritage

UTA Proposes to Rebuild Much of Bamberger Southend! 3/2/2010

New West Valley TRAX Branch Bridge Over Jordan River and New Additional TRAX Shop Complex 2/8/2010

Possible Future Problems With TRAX ACCESS to SLCC Jordan Campus 1/30/2010

TRAX Airport Expansion As Of 1/21/2010

Frontrunner South As Of Thanksgiving 2009

Special - West Valley TRAX Branch Construction Action - 11/11/2009

More Mid-Jordan TRAX Branch - Daybreak North Station 10/15/2009

TRAX Airport Branch Construction is Underway 10/11/2009

More Mid-Jordan TRAX Branch Construction Progress 9/27/2009

Exclusive - Frontrunner South - South End Provo 9/20/2009

Frontrunner Train Numbering 9/13/2009

Standard Frontrunner North Consist - Photo on 9/5/2009

Notes From Underground (Underground Mid-Jordan TRAX branch that is) 8/22/2009

Progress in Jordan Narrows - Frontrunner South 8/16/2009

New Power - Frontrunner - 8/7/2009

Hockey TRAX - 7/30/2009

U P Begins Partial Operation on UTA Frontrunner South 7/14/2009!

Monday Evening 7/6/2009 Demostrates Future UTA - Amtrak Interface

Frontrunner Met - What?! 6/11/2009

General Utah Rail Scene

Mid-Jordan TRAX Branch Update - Including New South Station 5/30/2009

Frontrunner South Update - Jordan River Narrows 5/27/2009

West Valley TRAX Branch Update 5/21/2009

Disposition of METRA Equipment 5/2/2009

Mid_Jordan TRAX Expansion to Receive Expidited Stimulus Funds 5/10/2009

Easter Sunday Morning Coming Down - UP 844 to Frontrunner 4/12/2009

Some Frontrunner NJT Comet Rebuilds Heading for So Cal 3/21/2009

West Valley TRAX Branch Construction Extensive In Jordan River Bottoms 3/20/2009

Frontrunner South Construction Progress (including spectacular Jordan River Narrows Area) 2/26/2009

Beginning Construction of the Mid-Jordan TRAX Branch (1/17/2009) - Updated 3/15/2009

Frontrunner North VS The Blizzard of 12/19/2008!

Frontrunner South Construction Begins With Flyover Construction 11/28/2008

West Valley TRAX Extension Map (from UTA)

Frontrunner South Construction Activity - UTA Link

UTA Comet Lineup on 11/1/2008

September 2008 Ridership From UTA - 10/14/2008

We ride a Comet to Ogden 10/3/2008

Comet Interior 9/23/2008

UTA Press Release on NJT Comets

First NJT Comet Containing Frontrunner Consist 9/7/2008

More Traffic Stats Courtesy UTA - 8/24/2008

Frontrunner and TRAX Post Substantial Traffic Gains - Data Courtesy UTA - 8/11/2008

Work Continues on NJT Comets - 8/4/2008

An Evening at Frontrunner Farmington Station - 7/30/2008 or BWI in the Desert

First Comet - Containing Frontrunner Consist - 7/20/2008

NJT Comet Rebuild Progress - 7/18/2008

A Frontrunner Trip To See The Rebuilt NJT Comet Cars 7/11/2008

We Take A Ride on TRAX's Scenic University of Utah Branch 7/1/2008

Brief Summary of Legislative UTA Performance Audit January 2008

May 2008 UTA Statistics Including First Month of Frontrunner

TRAX Shops 6/14/2008

Four MP-36's At Once 6/6/2008

Photos of TRAX/Frontrunner Interface - 5/31/2008

Some ex-New Jersey Transit Cars Receiving Heavy Work - 5/23/2008

We Take a Frontrunner Ride!

First Passenger Carrying Frontrunner Movements - 4/26/2008!!!!!

Three Trax Trainsets Test Intermodal Hub Trax Extension - 4/22/2008

Night Life

Frontunner Test Runs Meet Today (4/16/2008) At 1800 North in SLC

The Frontrunner Fleet Awaits April 26, 2008 First Runs

First Two of Several Ex-NJT Comet Cars Are Prepped For Repaint - 3/19/2008

Hostlers' Frontrunner Open House - 3/2/2008

Frontrunner Metra "Consist"

Watch This Link For TRAX Catenary Stringing - Intermodal Hub Extension

Contemplating Catenary - Last Week of January 2008

Frontrunner Metra Cars All Being Scrapped!

Trax and the Blizzard of December 8th

Trax Snowscape - Martin Luther King Day - 2008

Some Really Nice UTA Provided Warm Springs Shop Photos

Used NJT Cars Are Tested 1/10/2008

A Closer Look At NJT Cars Tested Above

High Speed Tests - 1/14/2008

Frontrunner Switch Heaters Activated in SLC - 12/29/2007

New Trax Street Construction - 12/29/2007

Big West and Frontrunner as Bamberger Redux

Flash - Salt Lake County Rail Is Back On Track!!

Frontrunner/Trax -Built to Last

Construction Progress Toward Intermodal Hub - November 3rd, 2007

UP - Stained Glass

New - Frontrunner Equipment Up Close and Personal

New - Aerial Photos of Intermodal Hub in SLC

Frontrunner Stations

Salt Lake Council of Governments Puts Off Vote on Mode Choices For Another Two Weeks

How They Install Concrete Ties On New Frontrunner Roadbed

Frontrunner Push/Pulls Lashed Up 9/27/07

Trax Street Construction Techniques

In Ballast Train Service Near Intermodal Hub - Last Unmodified D&RGW Unit - 5371

UTA After Dark

Construction Minutia

Recent Construction

Frontrunner #'s Seven and Five

UTA's Deal of the Century With UP

First Runs!

Link to Intermodal Hub Convergence

Exclusive! New Ogden Flyover In Two Segments

As Promised, NJT Cars + General Shop Environment

Frontrunner Signaling

Fancy Ballast Train

The Business of Transit in Utah

Equipment Lineup

Salt Lake City Downtown Transportation Master Plan

Utah Transit Authority

Would Either of these Great Stations Been a Better Choice for the Intermodal (Frontrunner-Trax) Hub?



North Salt Lake, looking north.
North Salt Lake, looking south.
In Salt Lake City, Frontrunner roadbed closest, UP yard tracks at right.
Another view inside of UP North Yard, Salt Lake City.

In Salt Lake City, UP North Yard, looking north to former UP shops, now UTA shops.

Note extremely deep roadbed construction.

Former Metra cars in distance, and light rail vehicles awaiting work .