RELEASE ON 9/17/08 12:01 a.m.

Date:      September 16, 2008                                  Press Release


It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s a Comet!

UTA Saves Millions Giving FrontRunner Riders More Room on Refurbished Comet Cars



The Utah Transit Authority is adding refurbished Comet passenger cars purchased from the New Jersey Transit commuter rail system. Each Comet car will add 102 seats (current Bombardier cars seat about 136), providing more space for the projection-surpassing 8,500 weekday riders.    



Using refurbished passenger cars saves UTA millions.  New passenger cars can cost nearly $2.2 million each.  The used Comet car and refurbishment costs UTA approximately $400,000.  Comet cars are nearly half the weight of a regular passenger car and require less energy to operate.



“UTA follows a Utah tradition of thrift.  We are becoming an industry leader in finding the most cost effective ways of providing service to our patrons” says John Inglish, UTA general manager. 



The Comet vehicles have a distinctly retro look.  Their 1980’s interiors come complete with  light brown seating and luggage racks.  The vehicles exteriors have been wrapped to match the FrontRunner trains’ distinctive paint scheme. 



Initially Comet cars will be incorporated on some peak hour trains.  As ridership levels continue to increase, UTA will add more Comet cars to the trains. 



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Established in 1970, UTA has become a multi-modal transportation leader that is 100 percent accessible with 69 light rail vehicles, 30 commuter rail cars and more than 600 buses. UTA’s TRAX light rail system is currently averaging between 40,000 and 50,000 riders a day along its 15-mile Salt Lake-Sandy line and the 4-mile University Line. UTA is an ISO 14001:2004 9001:2000 certified agency. During the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, UTA’s transit system was declared a great success on the international scene - carrying more than four million Olympic riders.                  41-UTA-091608