Yes, TRAX will have a South Station - right here. This is the end-of-the-line for the TRAX Mid-Jordan Branch. Completion of this branch has been given stimulus funding priority. This branch is the southern-most TRAX branch (which uses an old D&RGW right of way). It goes directly west from Midvale, the site of the TRAX shops, heads in the direction of the Rio Tinto (Kennecott) copper mine, and then makes a hook to the southeast to this point - the new Daybreak development. You'll note there aren't many buildings around the abuilding terminal; this is a direct attempt of UTA to influence development before it occurs. This takes us back to the interurban days. In this update we will begin here at end-of-track and then proceed back towards the TRAX mainline at Midvale. Next