Get a load of this. It turns out that the Salt Lake County Council of Governments (COG) made an algebraic error (multiplied when they should have divided) in determining transportation priorities. The upshot is that Frontrunner was overrated. The COG will have to revote November 1st. This revote could downgrade the Salt Lake County portion of the Frontrunner extension from SLC to Provo. This could derail (pardon the pun) the whole SLC-Provo piece of Frontrunner. What a mess! This shows our great and powerful leaders can make idiots of themselves at times. Could this be another example of the Trains Magazine curse? As you may know the latest Trains Mag has a glowing write-up of UTA and Frontrunner. Maybe Trains jinxed UTA. Probably not - I'll keep you posted on this important vote. Both sides of the debate are out in force. Return